Welcome to Udon Thani

Located in the North-Eastern region of Thailand with 9 hours road traveling from Bangkok or 1:09 hrs. by plane. Udon Thani International Airport and lots of hospitality in the city is why this host city is perfect for our event.

Udon Thani, city with thousnads years of story. With Baan Chiang archyology site, a world's herritage, this more than 5,000 years history contains the origin of South East Asian history. Also, 300 years of craft such as textile and cultural places  both help Udon Thani standing out from other cities. Don't miss this chance to ride on Udon Thani's beautiful and amazing route. Challenge your limit on a rolling course through an endless country side.


Spend your days here in Udon Thani for one of the best shopping city in Indo-China penninsula with mixed-cultural cuisine. Thai traditional food and North-Eastern dishes both going together as well as ho Thai, Laos and Vietnamese blended together around Mae Khong river. You will able to find high quality imported items in Udon Thani central area and also easily look for many local streetfood restuarants around the town.This is not only for cyclist, Udon Thani is a perfect destination for your holidays. Visit Udon Thani to experience this unbelievable moments.

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An interesting tourist attraction that is well known is Kham Chanod, located at Sirisuttho Temple, Wang Thong Subdistrict. It is a holy place that the villagers respect. And it is believed that it is the mouth of the underground city where there is a legend about the Naga according to the beliefs of the Isan and Lao people. There is Pu Si Suttho Shrine and a holly spring well.

Wat Pa Phu Kon is in the Na Yung and Nam Som National Forest, Ban Na Kham Yai, Ban Kong Subdistrict, at the border of three provinces: Udon Thani Province, Loei Province, and Nong Khai Province. Inside the temple are the relics of the Lord Buddha contained in Phra Ket Phra Ruang Roj Sri Burapha. In front of Phra Pathom Rattana Buraphajarn Maha Chedi and the Reclining Buddha Lokanat Satsada Mahamuni Buddha statue in the posture of nirvana Made of white marble from Carrara, Italy, length 20 meters.

Udon Thani also has many natural attractions. For example, the Red Lotus Sea at Nong Han, Kumphawapi District during December to February Red lotus flowers are in full bloom in Nong Han as far as the eye can see.

Phu Foi Lom Eco-Tourism Project, an eco-tourism destination located in Phan Don-Pa Kho National Reserved Forest. On the Phu Phan Noi mountain range Thap Kung Subdistrict It is one of the best nature study centers in the Northeast. The viewpoint area overlooks the city of Udon Thani, there are houses for tourists, and camping and hiking can be arranged.

In addition, there are various interesting handicrafts such as Khit cloth. There are local communities. They have a simple and charming way of life typical of the Thai Isaan community. There are many hotels to stay in. Udon Thani is another city that travelers should not miss visiting.






Try on original North-Eastern cuisine and taste the mixed cultural food of Udon Thani. Also visit Baan Chiang archyological site.


North-Eastern food with spicy and flavourful dishes. Jim-Joom or a hotpot with beef or pork is recommendd.